Posted by Rachel Ombaka
Dec 18 14
Lost Cousins Reconnected After 10 Years of Separation
The story below was recalled by a Congolese refugee. The details described are accurate to the best of his recollection. All names have been concealed to protect his family’s identity.After more than 10 years of separation, Congolese refugee Cedric is now reconnected with his cousin Yolanda through the REFUNITE ( platform. Cedric and his younger brother were born to Burundian parents and raised in the North Kivu district in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). During their early years, Cedric’s cousin Yolanda would occasionally visit them in DRC. Sadly, Cedric’s parents passed away when they were very young; he doesn’t even remember the year it happened. Despite the 14-year age difference between the cousins, Cedric has many fond memories of Yolanda’s visits. The loss of Cedric’s parents was preceded by very desperate times for the younger brothers, during which their neighbor stepped in to help raise them. While in their neighbor’s care, the boys recounted how they were mistreated and endured a lot of hardship. As…
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