Community leader inspires refugees to produce protective facial masks in Nakivale settlement
Apr 20 20

Uganda has just 55 confirmed COVID-19 cases to date this third week of April 2020 with no death recorded. The country is home to close to 2 million refugees who live for the most part in refugee settlements where RELAY Community Network leaders actively intervene in community matters.

It’s been no different during the Coronavirus pandemic as the Congolese refugee leader Seraphin Kighoma Paluku has engaged in the protection of his community. Knowing that a face mask is a crucial protection element against the current world pandemic, Seraphin involved a group of community tailors to make reusable face masks using Vitenge, the traditional Congolese material part of the national attire.

These face masks are distributed to all refugees in Nakivale refugee settlement as a protection tool against COVID-19.

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