Privacy Policy

Q: Who owns your data? 

We, REFUNITE, manage all data, while users are fully able to delete or modify their data.

Q: Does REFUNITE share the information from the database with anyone else?

No. Only the information users choose to make available will be visible in the search engine. Also, if users engage in a mail correspondence, only the receiver and the user will have access to the messages.

Working with selected partners, e.g. mobile network operators, to provide our service free of charge in some countries entails collaborating through an API. There may be situations where partners have access to personally identifiable information gained from users usage of the site, such as a users mobile phone number. REFUNITE works to ensure that any third party is not misusing information being transferred between our system and end-users through strict non-disclosure agreements.

Q: Who reads the messages? 

Communication between site users is managed in a secure closed-circuit message system, which allows people to share additional information on a person-to-person basis if they so choose. REFUNITE does not read or access these personal messages under any circumstances. Content is analyzed automatically to filter for misuse of platform.

Q: How is the information used by REFUNITE?

In order to secure the best possible search, REFUNITE logs all user data. However, phone numbers appear encrypted even to REFUNITE staff.

Q: How secure is the system?

All REFUNITE’s data is hosted by Amazon Web Services in Germany. We benefit from the German Data Protection Law which is compliant with the EU Data Protection Directive (Directive 95/46/EC) and even beyond, since Germany has taken additional measures in terms of data protection by introducing comprehensive legislation on computer crime, modern e-commerce laws and regulations on electronic signatures, along with low latency, stricter data privacy laws and compliance to increase users control of their own data.

Q: What about your staff members – do they have access to data? 

In order to secure the best possible search and matching system, and thereby provide the best possible service, REFUNITE logs all user data. Technical staff with access to this data is working under strict NDA agreements. Also, REFUNITE works with data analysts and specialists in order to continue to improve the system. These are also working under strict NDA agreements. Furthermore laptops containing sensitive data are encrypted to prevent anyone but the owner of the laptop to access the data. REFUNITE will never sell personal information.

Q: Is it possible to opt out of future communications?

Should users receive unwanted messages from other users, use the ‘report abuse’ or ‘block user’ functions when receiving a message at www.refunite.org.

For general information around using our service, please refer to our TERMS OF USE.

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