Relay Community Network’s leaders take action against COVID-19 in Nigeria
Apr 14 20
Nigerian RELAY Community Network’s leaders are taking action against COVID-19 with the support of REFUNITE’s materials as well as the life-saving skills exchanged within the network.

The Relay Community Network leaders are looking after their constituents all over Africa, coming up with innovative ways to protect their people. This is the case of the Nigerian leader, Ada Musa Umaru, who decided to take action against COVID-19.

As soon as he learned about the handwashing mechanism created by a leader in Tanzania, he started to identify the points with the high affluence of people in the marketplace area of Potiskum, Yobe state. The objective was to create handwashing points and assist his constituents in the prevention of the coronavirus disease.

Umaru initiated a community movement to get donations of a bucket of water and liquid soap from every shop at Abba M.Jakusko Communication Centre Market and Tricycle Park Market. By doing that, the leader helped to create and distribute these handwashing systems for free, which are normally sold at 2,300 Naira (around $6).

“When I see pedestrians coming on their own to wash their hands, I tell myself that people understand the danger of COVID-19. They just need to be reminded and that’s my responsibility as a community leader”, Ada Musa Umaru told the Relay Community Network Team.

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