RELAY Community Network leader donates hand-washing facilities to Rutshuru
May 28 20

The leaders who are part of the RELAY Community Network in Africa exchange vital information and skills. Quite commonly, the news and ideas from leaders cross borders and inspire people in different parts of the continent.

Roger Musoka, a Congolese leader from Rutshuru town, in D.R. Congo, was looking for a way to support his community in the fight against COVID-19 when he learned about other leader’s activities and innovation in Tanzania and Nigeria.

Musoka wanted to make sure the inhabitants of Rutshuru town would follow the basic practices established by the WHO to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Therefore, out his pocket, he installed 15 hand-washing facilities at major roundabouts of the city center and bus-stops in the areas of Burayi, Kiringa, Kiwanja, Mbungungo, Nyongera, Kalengera & Marangara.

According to Musoka, an average of 510 people use wash-hand facilities daily. “People don’t miss the opportunity to wash their hands and keep safe, especially when they encounter these facilities at strategic locations”, said the leader.

Roger Musoka’s contributions go back to the pre-pandemic times. He has facilitated several family reconnections in the Eastern Africa and Great Lakes regions, thanks to the know-how on the family tracing program he acquired from Relay Community Network.

Hundreds of families are reconnected through our work every month, often after years of searching for their missing loved ones.
Any donation will help separated families reconnect.