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Be proud of where you come from.

Wherever you are from, whether it be from Brazil, Kenya, or India, every family has a history of migration.

Let us not forget, and be proud of our history.



About the campaign

REFUNITE has partnered with ad agency LDC to launch the #IMmigrant campaign in order to spread awareness of the current refugee crisis. The campaign provides a tool www.IMmigrant.im for you to create your own #IMmigrant image and through this, aims to make people realize how similar we all are, and to be proud of coming from and identifying with different countries and cultures.

Currently, there are almost 60 million forcibly displaced people in this world, searching for a better and safer home. While there has been a lot of support, the current refugee crisis has also sparked a large amount of scare and hate against refugees. It is important at such a time for people to look within themselves, and realize that to some extent, we all have a migratory background. People have been moving from place to place throughout history.

When fleeing, many displaced people lose contact with their family, some for over 20 years. REFUNITE provides a free family tracing and reconnection tool, available in many countries on even the most simple mobile phones. We take the most disconnected people in the world, and put them back in touch with their loved ones. To help more families get reconnected, please support our cause here.



Terms and Conditions: Any image you create may be used in our rotation of images in the background of www.IMmigrant.im.

Hundreds of families are reconnected through our work every month, often after years of searching for their missing loved ones.
Any donation will help separated families reconnect.