Social Impact at REFUNITE: Learning with +Acumen

Giulia Balestra

This month our REFUNITE’s User Acquisition and Growth team has completed “Making sense of Social Impact”, an online course by +Acumen. Do you want to know how to achieve better, long lasting social change? Check this out!

Social Impact at REFUNITE: Learning with +Acumen

At REFUNITE we take learning seriously! For the past seven weeks, our User Acquisition and Growth team has been diving into an online course on social impact analysis by +Acumen, an organization committed to tackling some of today’s biggest challenges through leadership development.

Across continents and beyond timezones, we joined a global community of individuals that not only wants to do good, but do it in a better way and be able to measure it. How do we define and recognize positive, sustainable social impact? How do we quantify it?  


REFUNITE_Accumen Meme-01


For our team at REFUNITE, this was the chance to step back and get a new perspective on what we do and how we do it, from reconnecting families, collecting data, to analysis, and communication. As an organization committed to change, we are constantly chasing and assessing impact.

What problems does your organization want to solve? Who will benefit from it? What is the long-term result of that? These were some of the questions that guided us in the process. We set out with our “Impact Challenge”, and applied +Acumen’s frameworks and processes to examine the different components that define and determine social impact at REFUNITE. We looked into breadth and depth of change, developed our own theory of change, navigated through inputs, outputs and outcomes, and ended up doing evidence reviews and researching our target market and audience extensively.


Making sense of social impact has been a journey, one that was rich in tools, insights and tips to achieve better, long lasting social change. We can’t wait to put all of these lessons into practice!


25th of November, 2016.