REFUNITE’s Tech Talks: All Things Tech

Giulia Balestra

Tech Talks is a series of events hosted by REFUNITE at Nairobi Garage in Westlands. Tech Talks provide an open space where developers and tech enthusiasts can come together and discuss all things tech. The events also give attendees the opportunity to network, collaborate, share resources and discover new talents.  Follow us for updates: #refunitechtalks

REFUNITE’s Tech Talks:  All Things Tech




Nairobi Garage, 5.30 pm on a Thursday evening. But it is not any Thursday. Today, REFUNITE is hosting its first ever Tech Talk. Our small but dedicated team has been exploring the idea of connecting people around tech and, as part of how we do things at REFUNITE, it is time to test the concept. The experimenting phase is approaching: we are about to go live.


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The room has been already set up: 30 chairs, Tech Talks flyers, sign-up sheet, drinks and snacks. A few minutes to 6 pm: no one is here yet. But our software developer Mike Manuthu, who is behind the idea of Tech Talks, is positive and full of energy. “I think we can start a revolution!” he says, smiling but very serious in his purpose.

Then, before we know it, guests start showing up and soon the room is filled to the point where there is hardly enough space for everyone to sit, but no one seems to care. Everyone looks excited to attend and take part. The discussion starts and Mike goes full-on tech!






“These are cool kids!” he exclaims after realizing that people have the right answers to most of his challenging questions. The whole event is being recorded and live-streamed online, giving a lot more people than expected the opportunity to be part of the first ever Tech Talks. The conversation flows and time flies, in a well balanced combination of showcasing REFUNITE, discussing the technical issues faced by our tech team, as well as questions, ideas and inputs from the crowd. At 7.30 pm, we realize that the event was supposed to end an hour ago. Although Tech Talks could go on and on tonight, we want to keep people excited about future meetups, so we ask participants to fill in a feedback form and we promise we will update them soon.

One week down the line, almost 90 people have joined the Tech Talks online meetup to stay informed about the next events and reserve their spot in time for the next Tech Talks Thursday.

The idea and event was a success. Tech Talks will happen again and the participants’ input will make the next one even better! Thank you for making the first Tech Talks event a great one and thank you for the encouraging feedback: from the content, to the technical explanations, to REFUNITE’s cause and the passion of our team, to the appreciation of our drinks and snacks…It seems that Mike was right. We can start a revolution.



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OH, AND….The next Tech Talk will happen on Thursday, 15th of September. Don’t forget to sign up here!


29th August 2016.