Implementing collaborative technology at REFUNITE

Giulia Balestra

Dataiku DSS explained to non-techies: extracting and visualizing data thanks to collaborative technology.   

Implementing collaborative technology at REFUNITE

 Dataiku DSS explained to non-techies


REFUNITE Dataiku’s DSS-01



-What is Dataiku DSS? How does REFUNITE use Dataiku’s DSS?

Dataiku DSS is a collaborative data science software platform developed to help organizations analyze big data. The software allows our tech team at REFUNITE  to turn semi-structured or “raw data” into ready-to-use data that is easy to analyze and to visualize. The REFUNITE platform contains a large amount of data and to interpret this data, we need a system that digests information and make it available for us. This is what Dataiku does and why it is so important to the work we do.


-Can you tell us more about the reasons and benefits behind using this software?

-Data is all. Accessing data and being able to interpret it allows us to keep improving the REFUNITE platform. This is why we needed to have more insight into our data: to delve deeper into our profile database and to make informed and better decisions based on what our data tells us. Thanks to Dataiku, we now have near to real time data that gives us a clear idea about how the REFUNITE family reconnection service is doing. We can also understand what works and what doesn’t from a user’s perspective. For example, if we see that a large number of users struggles on one specific step of the registration process, then we are able to investigate the reasons and address them immediately. This is a constant work-in-progress and one that enables us to constantly make the REFUNITE platform better.

20th December, 2016.