Flight To Denver: REFUNITE At The Solutions Summit Bootcamp

Giulia Balestra

In 2016 REFUNITE was selected for the Solutions Summit, a year-long entrepreneurship programme powered by the United Nations and the United Nations Foundation. In 2017, the Solutions Summit cohort met in Denver, Colorado (US) for a 3-day bootcamp,following the successful kickoff in New York.  

Flight To Denver: REFUNITE At The Solutions Summit Bootcamp


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Photo: Peakchange

In September 2016, REFUNITE was selected as a Top Innovator by the United Nations and as one of ten solutions to be presented at the Solutions Summit during the United Nations General Assembly week in New York. Six months down line,  the Social Summit entrepreneurs joined the “Flight to Denver”,  an intensive start-up mentoring program led by Project X-ITE, an initiative by the University of Denver that aims to advance innovation and technology globally.

From March 31st to April 2nd, 17 entrepreneurs from 15 companies spread across 11 countries met and collaborated for the three-day boot camp. Ida Jeng from REFUNITE joined the entrepreneurs crew and worked on co-developing ideas to tackle some of the goals of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.


9th of April 2017.