Cannes Lions 2016: #IMmigrant shortlisted

Giulia Balestra

Between 19-21 June 2016, the #IMmigrant campaign, initiated by advertising agency LDC and REFUNITE, received three nominations at Cannes Lions, in the Direct category and the Cyber category. Although we didn’t come home with Lions in our pockets, we are proud of the campaign’s success and the growing visibility it sparked on the migration stories we all share.




In December 2015 advertising agency LDC and REFUNITE launched the #IMmigrant campaign to spread the word: We are all migrants. In less than a month, over 70,000 #IMmigrant images were created from more than 200 different countries. Football player Neymar da Silva Santos, actress Pamela Anderson, and celebrity chef Alex Attala are some among the many other personalities that have created and showcased their #IMmigrant image publicly. You can still upload your picture and create your own #IMmigrant image here.




#IMmigrant. Are you?


15th July 2016.